Homebrew - Brew your own Lager

After a successful "Boots Country Cider" Kit brewed in 1999, my friend Amaury and I tried to homebrew a Boots Lager Kit.

Here you can find the Brewing Instructions, and below the pictures of us 2 homebrewing:
  • 1st step : cleaning, boiling, mixing, sugar-ing, re-boiling, diluting, yeast-ing and first fermentation in the fermenting bin
  • --- waiting 4 to 7 days
  • 2nd step : cleaning, sugar-ing, bottle-ing, seal-ing, storing and second fermentation in the bottles
  • --- waiting 7 days minimum.

Funny Experiences :

We mainly followed the brewing instructions but for some bottle we made it up with sugared things to replace the classic fermenting white sugar. Some bottles have :
  • - double amount of sugar (more alcohol ?)
  • - brown sugar instead of white sugar
  • - blackcurrant liqueur and white sugar
  • - blackcurrent liqueur and brown sugar
  • - chocolate in powder and sugar

2003 NEW : Amazon.com now sells a Mr. Beer Home Brew Keg for $29.99, and they ship it for free in the US (the free shipping treshold is at $25)

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